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Emerald - 925 Sterling Silver Pendant & Ring

Emerald balances the mental, emotional and physical bodies. It can clear the aura and stabilize and transmute any dysfunctional energy located within the body. Emerald brings energies of stabilitypeacecalmbalancecourage and inner strength.

Emeralds produce tiny, noticeable, magnetic fields. As your body also has a magnetic field, it is capable of exchanging its energy with that of the emerald. Because the emerald is a quartz, when you stand in front of it for a few seconds, it can increase your bio-magnetic field by 100%. It can help you replenish your lost health, and get you feeling on top of the world again!

It is certainly rare to find such a Magnificent set of real emerald set in silver. Ring completely made from solid Sterling Silver.


  • Weight in gms: 2.8
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Silver color: Two-tone
  • Stone: Emerald

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